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Imagine a strategy

of the future !

In the world of public affairs, lobbying and communication, actors and all partners know the importance of analysis and choices. Their choices are the translation of their commitments. Our mission is to contribute to their victory. For each mission of consulting in lobbying and public affairs, DASSAS Advertising & Public Affairs endeavors to raise the debate by seeking constructive solutions, and to highlight the economic and social benefits of its clients with institutions. We advise our clients in their relations with public authorities, associations, opinion leaders and the business world: institutional relations, network campaigns, press relations, social networks.

DASSAS Advertising & Public Affairs maintains its network of influencers, long-standing ties (think tanks, journalists, business leaders, members of Parliament, the military). 


Send the cavalry  !

Our only objective is victory, the success of your actions.

Establish a disruptive and offensive strategy to emerge.

Make innovative and amazing creative choices.

Have a relevant media strategy.

Make choices in all areas because those who do not choose, are not !!

TV ads, press ads, digital tools, visual identity to make your brand unique and visible.


Action !


- the more  communication takes sides, the more effective it is

- We are the sum of our choices

- Those who do not choose, are not


- Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 

- Talent does not replace money 

- Persevere 


- Interesting

- Credible 

- Specific 


- On time

- At the expected cost 

- With the expected quality 

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